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Bride's veil

One of my favourite places in the mountains nearby. This time it was a bit crowded, really difficult to take some shots.

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Free spirit

I dreamed of this moment since I put my first steps on a mountain, to witness a winter sunset on the ridge of Fagaras mountains. 

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Mighty Sequoia

I felt really sorry last year while being in the US that I missed the chance to see the "big trees", the mighty californian Sequoias. I didn't have the slightest clue that one of their over century old cousins lives almost in my backyard, guarding the Vladeasa mountains... Here it is, the lonely transylvanian Sequoia.

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Wandering alone in the frozen forest, listening to the whispers of the trees, watching them move their claws as they dance in the blizzard... 

 Claws of an ent

The gathering 

Edge of an empire 

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