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Wheel of stars

Contemplating the clear night sky nearby Zanoaga, a high altitude glaciar lake in Retezat mountains.

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Supernova (II)

More from the spectacular autumn sunrise in Retezat mountains, at Zanoaga, the deepest glaciar lake in the Carpathians.

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Supernova (I)

Spectacular explosive sunrise at Zanoaga glaciar lake, in Retezat mountains. In a few moments, the whole sky bursted into flames, giving this amazing light show, trully one of the most beautiful sunrises I've ever seen in the mountains.

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Fleeting moment

This year, autumn's intense flame burnt out really quickly, the golden leaves hastily left their homes, leaving behind but soft whispers of memories underneath the wanderers' footsteps. Yet sometimes the splendour of a single moment is better valued and remembered after it fades away.

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In pursuit of light

I had a really hard time finding light up in Retezat mountains, near Bucura lake. After a full day without seeing the sky, the sun finally broke through the clouds and mist, revealing the magic light of a new dawn...

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