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Farewell 2012

A brief retrospective of 2012 images. Looking back, I can say it was an intense year, I've travelled a lot, seen some amazing places and took a lot of pictures. Thank you all for visiting the blog, really looking forward to future photo trips this year.

January - A freezing winter night on a transylvanian road.

February - Window to the world, a beautiful winter sunrise in Marisel, as seen from the windows of a warm, full of hospitality place

March - Snowdrops warming in the early spring sun.

April - Spring dusk light caressing a blooming field.

May - Light wheel spinning in Turda at a spring fair.

June - Electrical storm over Turda

July - Early morning walk on the beaches of Adriatic sea in Pinarella di Cervia, Italy.

August - Sunset in San Marino, one of the most beautiful places I've seen.

September - Sun seems to be torn apart by a dense cloud formation.

October - I could hear the trees calling back the leaves...

November - Fallen leaf... Really enjoyed 2012's beautiful autumn season

December -  Silence, serenity, pure snow, blue sky, bright sunlight, the perfect Christmas gift...

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Shiny Christmas day

Silence, serenity, pure snow, blue sky, bright sunlight, the perfect Christmas gift to my soul from mother nature.

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Hibernal sunset

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Frozen dreams

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