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Mythical sights

Mount Olympus, home of the ancient greek gods. Mytikas peak was their meeting place and theater of their stormy discussions. The Throne of Zeus (today Stefani) hosted solely him, the leader of the gods. From there he unleashed his thunderbolts, expressing his godly wrath.

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Stories of basalt

Close look at the basalt formations at Vík í Mýrdal beach, southern Iceland.
These spectacular geological wonders were formed when extruded molten lava cooled, crystallized and cracked along precise angles.

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Fields of ashes

It was an eerie stillness, wandering through the vastness of this harsh volcanic land, under the neverending sunset (or sunrise)... This land carries many scars of ancient struggles between the mighty forces of nature. And at the horizon, the queen of icelandic mountains, Herðubreið, was watching us.

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Fall of the gods

In the year 999, icelanders made christianity the official religion of Iceland. To mark the occasion, they threw some norse gods statues into the water here, making Goðafoss the famous symbolic site of Iceland´s conversion.

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