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Farewell 2013

So, another year has come to an end. Looking back, I can say it was an intense one. The most amazing thing that happened is that I heard the call of the mountains, and I fell in love with them. They are part of my life now, a second home where I return as often as I can. Most of the times, they rewarded me with extraordinary sights, which I tried my best to turn into photography. This explains why a great part of my favourite shots of this year are mountain landscapes. Besides that, every single shot that I'm looking at now has an awesome collection of memories that I'll carry in my "backpack" for the rest of my life. Sometimes I think these are even more important than the pictures I take. I also met a lot of new friends during this journey, who turned the trips into unforgetable experiences. Thank you! (you know who you are) :) 
For the next year, my greatest hope is to be able to continue this journey, and also to find inspiration and knowledge to improve my photography. 
A big thanks to all who apreciated my work and encouraged me to continue, also to those who criticised and taught me a lot of new things.
Finally, here are 12 of my favourites pictures of 2013. It was a hard choice, as I have many others that mean much to me.

January - sunrise light over the frozen mountain of Ceahlau. My first winter trip into the mountains, this is where it all began, I have many memories from this trip. :)

February - detail of a mountain plant covered in pure snow.

March - first contact with a place that has become very close to my soul, Fagaras mountains.

April - Signs of spring... since I travel often into the mountains, I found out how long winter can last here :)

May - On the edge of the wild ridge of Piatra Craiului, one of the most intense experiences I've lived in the mountains this year. I look forward to seeing these mountains again next year, I'm sure it will be a more pleasant experience. :)

June - An old friend of mine, the Black Sea. This was a great trip, with great friends, it's a wonderful experience to fall asleep in your tent to the music of the waves, to wake up in the morning with the same music in your ears, to see the sun carresing the blue vastness of the sea.

July - Discovering the wonders of Fagaras mountains. This is Caltun lake, a pearl of frail beauty between the harsh edges of rock guarding it. I took 9 trips to this mountain range this year (I feel not enough). :)

August - Surprising, unexpected burst of sunrise light over Bucegi mountains. I almost returned to my tent, giving up to the dull foggy morning, but the tide suddenly changed and nature decided to put up a grand light show that I'll never forget :) I remember the rush, the hurry to quickly photograph before it all fades away...

September - Waves of mountains and hills seen from Parang mountains. Sometimes the mountain offers such wide, open views, which give me a sense of freedom and peace.

October - Warmth of autumn colours in the Apuseni mountains, my homeland. Pity that this year's autumn was very short, only a few days which offered such views. But I was at the right place those days :)

November - Explosive sunrise at Zanoaga lake, Retezat mountains. One of the most beautiful skies I've seen in the mountains. Since then, when I see a spectacular sunrise or sunset, I call it a "Zanoaga" one :)

December - Winter powder decorating the rocks of Retezat mountains, my second favourite mountain range I've seen so far.

Thank you all for watching this, I wish you all a Happy New Year, full of achievements!
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More thorns

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Fall meets winter (II)

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First winter dusk

First winter mountain trip this season. The sun is slowly fading away, leaving only the stars to cast drops of light upon the hibernating mountains.

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Fall meets winter (I)

After a freezing windy autumn night, the morning light reveals Retezat mountains decorated with beautiful silver powder... Just a short glimpse of winter's magic before the autumn's pale yet warm sun made it all fade away. For now.

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Wheel of stars

Contemplating the clear night sky nearby Zanoaga, a high altitude glaciar lake in Retezat mountains.

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Supernova (II)

More from the spectacular autumn sunrise in Retezat mountains, at Zanoaga, the deepest glaciar lake in the Carpathians.

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Supernova (I)

Spectacular explosive sunrise at Zanoaga glaciar lake, in Retezat mountains. In a few moments, the whole sky bursted into flames, giving this amazing light show, trully one of the most beautiful sunrises I've ever seen in the mountains.

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